spotlight iconAbout Spotlight on the Arts


The Spotlight on the Arts festival celebrates the significant cultural contributions of McMaster’s arts researchers and practitioners on campus and the community at large.

We welcome you to join us for a year-long festival of arts events designed to foster relationships and deepen understanding of how the arts connect people and ideas, activate cultural discourse, empower life-long learning and success, and integrate multiple disciplines in distinctive modes of critical inquiry.  

The festival will feature concerts, lectures, performances and exhibitions organized around four concepts: Connect (September); Activate (November); Empower (January); Integrate (March). For a complete listing of events, click on the monthly events listings above, or browse through the events calendar. 


Festival Organizing Committee

Virginia Aksan
Peter Cockett
Rose Mannarino
Beth Marquis
Sally McKay
Rachel Rensink-Hoff



Office of the President, McMaster University
School of the Arts, McMaster University