Exhibition: Student Art Created in Art 2ER3
January 2014.  
President’s Corridor – Hall Outside of GH 238.   

The artwork featured in this exhibition has been created in ART 2ER3, an Environmentally Responsible Studio course offered in Level II of the Studio Art program. This project required each student to create a linear drawing in space exploring the potential of bamboo as an alternative, lightweight, durable and sustainable material. Students were asked to consider light and shadow as an active element of the work. The structures are made entirely from materials reclaimed from bamboo blinds that were bound or joined together without the use of glue. Within these limitations students were free to explore their individual conceptual and aesthetic choices.

This project connects to a visit and public lecture by artist Kai Chan. This talk will be held on January 30, 2014 at 1:30 p.m. in TSH 114. Click here for more information.

We gratefully acknowledge the President’s office for providing this exhibition venue and for its support of the School of the Arts’ Spotlight on the Arts Festival.

See the video below for interviews with President Deane and some of the student artists.