An Original Production by Emily Gallomazzei and Peter Sirisko.
March 27 – 29, 2014 – 6:00 p.m. & 9:00 p.m..
118 James Street North


* Reservation required. Please e-mail to reserve seats.


COGS is a surreal journey through the mind and through those memories that, pieced together, create our identity. Those we have loved, those we have lost, fit together as the working cogs of the unique machine that is our mind. Through interactive design and experimental movement, the audience will freely explore the imaginatively rich and diverse spaces we create for ourselves from unforgettable experiences. As the main character confronts the turmoil and darkness present in their history and identity they will learn what it means to find belonging in others, space, and the self. COGS is truly a unique performance experience with which audiences will be deeply connected through the use of in-ear audio, intimate narrative, and immersive environments.

Admission is free. Due to the nature of this show, seats must be reserved at least 24 hours in advance of each performance. Reservations can be made by e-mailing

When reserving tickets, guests have the option of choosing between four colours (GREEN, BLUE, ORANGE, PURPLE) which correspond to a different story line within the production. Please note in your reservation if you are interested in watching a specific actor perform.

Krystina Ali – (ORANGE)

Joel Fleming – (BLUE)

Meena Rangan – (PURPLE)

Zachery Dickson – (GREEN)

Please visit COGSFacebook page for detailed information about locating the venue and parking.

View the trailer for COGS below:

This show contains mature subject matter, the use of a fog machine, and scenes that may trigger seizures in people with photosensitive epilepsy.

COGS is part of the Honours Performance Series 2014. For more information about the Honours Performance Series, click here.