Artist Talk.   
Monday, September 23, 2013 – 9:30 a.m.  
The New Space – TSH 114.   


Plein Air Painting & Drawing Session
Monday, September 23 – Friday, September 27, 2013.  
McMaster University Natural Corridor.  


Saturday, September 28 – Monday, September 30, 2013.  
The New Space – TSH 114.  

Jim Reid

Jim Reid


A week-long “Plein Air” painting and drawing session in the Natural Corridor owned by McMaster University. Open sketching and painting sessions and class visits will be scheduled throughout the week as Jim produces work on site. The event will culminate in an exhibition in TSH 114 at the end of the week.

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Jim Reid received a BFA from Mount Allison University and a BSc from McMaster University. His process-based landscape paintings embrace the Plein Air tradition of painting filtered through biology and environmentalism. He is represented by Lonsdale Gallery in Toronto. McMaster Museum Curator Ihor Holubizky wrote: “As he works on site, Reid allows nature to take its course, to show the accumulation, traces and scars, the evidence of erosion rather than the prettiness of “texturing”. At the same time he indicates the profound shift that has taken place in our relationship with nature and the possibilities of a spiritual resonance.”